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LUCHA & The Colibri Collective Earn 2 Reed Awards

Updated: Sep 8, 2021

LUCHA & The Colibri Collective Earned 2 awards at the 2021 Reed Awards-- Best Spanish Language Website and Best Use of Digital Out Of Home.

May 17, 2021 (Phoenix) - After a historic election, LUCHA and The Colibri Collective are two-time winners of the esteemed Reed Awards for their #LUCHABlue campaign. Receiving a record number of entries this year, the Reed Awards are hailed as the most exacting award in the political campaign industry. The two organizations received “Best Spanish Language Website” for the second year in a row and “Best Use of Digital Out of Home (DOOH).”

You can learn more about the #LUCHABlue campaign here.

The #LUCHABlue campaign was designed and produced by The Colibri Collective, the first Latina-owned digital marketing firm in Phoenix. It was a part of an effort to directly engage Latino voters in the swing state during the 2020 presidential election. With a national attack on vote by mail, the campaign's utilization of website and billboards was deemed extremely successful at increasing both awareness and messaging.

(Pictured left to right) VP of Client Services Sandra Cardenas &

CEO Gaby Cardenas at Campaign & Elections Reed Awards.

“We’re so thankful for our partnership with LUCHA. Their grassroots work has driven major changes in Arizona politics. Our innovative use of digital in the out-of-home billboards is a key example of how our design thinking leverages digital strategies for successful political campaigns,” said The Colibri Collective CEO Gaby Cardenas.

“The 2020 Election saw unprecedented voting numbers because of the hard work of activists and organizers. The Colibri Collective has been a key partner in LUCHA’s efforts to mobilize voters. The Colibri Collective drives political campaigns with invaluable passion for elevating Latino communities.” said LUCHA Co-Executive Director Alex Gomez.

“The #LUCHABlue campaign was a significant point of success in turning Arizona blue in 2020. LUCHA is proud to continue our work with The Colibri Collective as they transform our ideas into beautifully-crafted work. We value the perspective The Colibri Collective brings to the table as a diverse, multicultural team,” said LUCHA Co-Executive Director Tomás Robles.


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Living United for Change in Arizona (LUCHA) is a nonprofit membership-led, grassroots organization that builds power with Arizona’s working families. Learn more:


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