Adult Education

West-MEC has partnered with The Colibri Collective to launch multi-faceted digital campaigns to recruit students for their adult education programs. Mapping out the journey of the potential students was a key factor in the strategic planning phase. This mapping provided us with insight into the steps the potential student was taking prior to choosing to enroll or making a career change. With the client's goal being lead generation, we launched social media and digital campaigns with multiple touchpoints. The Colibri Collective also developed program-specific creative and video.


Understanding that the interested population could turn into a cold lead rather quickly, we launched an email remarketing campaign to run in conjunction with the lead campaign. Throughout the three years of their campaigns, we have assisted West-MEC with increased enrollment and visibility of their priority programs.

The video focuses on showcasing the HVAC program in action and THIS IS YOUR CLASSROOM. TellIng the story of students focusing on preparing for the in-demand jobs of the future and highlighting an instructional course taking place.


"West-MEC Adult Education has had a fruitful partnership with The Colibri Collective over the past couple of years. Most recently, West-MEC Adult Education exceeded enrollment goals by 100% in the IT Security program. In addition, the Welding Technology evening program and the Aviation Maintenance Technology program have been on a waitlist for at least three months prior to the program start date. West-MEC looks forward to launching the third year of partnership with the Colibri Collective to continue to grow our student enrollment as well as increase community awareness of West-MEC Adult Education opportunities."

Lizeth Fils-Aime / West-MEC Adult Education

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