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2020 Reed Awards Winner

Living United for Change in Arizona (LUCHA), a grassroots organization, partnered with The Colibri Collective to launch a multi-phase digital campaign to help Regina Romero win the Democratic Primary Election for Tucson mayor. The strategy for this campaign was to approach it through multiple phases to correlate with the progression of an election campaign and LUCHA's ground game. The breakdown of phases was crucial in aiding with messaging and tactical strategy. As the election in Tucson was unique in being a mail-in only election, the messaging had to be informative and persuasive to engage and mobilize both new and non-voters in English and Spanish.


Making sure that the user has a seamless experience is incredibly important in order to persuade voters. It is important to point out that having dedicated landing pages in English and Spanish where people are being directed to is an important piece of a successful campaign. Focusing on post-click optimization, the process of directing potential voters to a highly-relevant, optimized landing page that matches the ad’s message, is just as important as the ad creative and message.

Regina Romero won the Democratic nomination and eventually the historic election for mayor of Tucson. She received national media attention as she was elected the first female and Latina mayor of Tucson, Arizona — and is the only Latina mayor in the 50 largest cities in the US. The campaign was a recipient of the 2020 Reed Awards and finalist for Best Online Video. 

The video was centered around capturing the essence of Regina Romero, her campaign platform and why LUCHA, a well-respected organization supported her. 
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Spanish Voting Locations Tucson
Regina Romero Digital Ad
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