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Read On Arizona

Read On Arizona – Conversar Para Aprender campaign was intentional in targeting hard-to-reach Hispanic households. The main goal of this initiative was to educate households with children under three years old on the importance of early literacy – regardless of the main language spoken at home. This campaign relied on various traditional and digital strategies and tactics to add more touchpoints to our target audience.

Working closely with statewide Read On Arizona communities, we were able to understand nuances within each segment. This collaborative approach allowed us to better strategize and create personalized content and messaging to engage these hard-to-reach populations. Prior to launching the campaigns, The Colibri Collective transcreated the website and collateral, created the social media pages and content that would be shared.

​This public outreach campaign utilized many elements in our repertoire, including event marketing, traditional radio spots, broadcast television, digital and social media – which included a comprehensive influencer strategy, digital ads, video, interview segments and print.



The Colibri Collective launched digital, radio and television campaigns using local influencers in the Hispanic community.

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