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ALLO Communications

Our approach to multicultural marketing is what sets our agency apart. The Colibri Collective, understands the value of being culturally aware and we bring that expertise to the campaigns we launch. Taking the approach of trans-creating versus translating, we are able to achieve the campaign goal by conveying emotion, sentiment and cultural relevance. In Latino culture, the family connection is everything. From spending time together watching a soccer game, helping their child with homework, catching the latest novela or video chatting with their loved ones - Latinos are online and consuming entertainment content at higher rates than other groups. Through relatable content, we can connect with this audience in an emotional and honest way, by sparking a memory or associating with what they love and relate to the most.

The Colibri Collective was tasked to launch Allo Communications Spanish language campaigns into their markets. This included translating their current collateral material and landing page. 

By creating a tagline that is memorable and speaks to this concept, we were able to capture the emotion and create brand recognition amongst Latinos.
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