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Climate Power En Acción

Background |
Climate Power, a renowned environmental advocacy organization, recognized the vital need to engage and mobilize the Latino community in the fight against climate change. Their Latino Engagement Department, pivotal in driving this initiative, underwent a significant transformation, becoming Climate Power En Acción. This new identity aimed to more effectively reach, engage, and empower Latinos in advocating for climate justice and the benefits of a green economy.

Challenge |
The transformation into Climate Power En Acción was not merely a change in name but represented a fundamental shift in approach and objectives. The organization needed a brand identity that resonated deeply with the Latino community, embodying their values, culture, and aspirations for a sustainable future. It was crucial to communicate the urgency of climate action and the pivotal role of clean energy investments in achieving economic and environmental justice. Finding a creative agency capable of capturing this essence and translating it into a compelling brand identity was imperative.

Solution |

The creation of Climate Power En Acción's new brand identity is not just about a visual makeover; it's a strategic reimagining of how we connect, engage, and mobilize Latinos in the climate justice movement. As a creative agency tasked with this monumental challenge, we are not merely designers or strategists; we are partners in a movement towards a cleaner, greener, and more equitable future. Together, with Climate Power En Acción, we created a brand identity that resonates, engages, and mobilizes — because when we unite in action, we can elect climate justice champions and shape the future of our planet. To learn more visit

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