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Our passion for emerging technology, flexibility, and ease of doing business are what drive our strategies and conversions for our partners. These strategies are focused on reaching our client's goals with precise targeting, messaging, and creative. 

The Colibri Collective has mastered the digital space with our extensive knowledge and skills. Using multiple tactics, enhanced targeting, and the latest technology to deliver measurable results–we play an integral part in creating and managing campaigns including reporting to show you how our efforts are effective. Digital technology is the single most powerful way of tracking behavior.

Digital is at its most successful when it's integrated into the core of the clients’ business. Our team has considerable experience working across a range of verticals, creating powerful insight through understanding data and analysis. By anticipating and being at the forefront of new technology, our collective maximizes the effects of digital marketing for our clients. We create fully integrated campaigns that work across your audience’s journey.


We leverage all of our own technology, maximizing budgets and increasing efficiencies. The Colibri Collective bids, optimizes, and reports on each individual data point. We collect our data directly and build dynamic custom audiences for each campaign.

Throughout this journey, our team is constantly monitoring campaign performance and website traffic to measure success. The Colibri Collective believes that in order to succeed in delivering measurable campaigns, we must be flexible and swift to analyze the story that data is telling us. From adjusting messaging, targeting, creative or other components; we bridge the gap between data and digital to ensure that your campaign will be reaching your audience at the right place and at the right time.

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Event Geo-Fencing

Voter Address File Targeting

Addressable OTT


Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Marketing

Search & Contextual

Google AdWords & Search

Paid Social Media Campaigns

Site Retargeting

Email Marketing

Video Pre-roll & Mid-roll

Over The Top Programming (OTT)

Political Digital Advertising

Recruitment Campaigns

Digital Radio


Multi-Screen Reach
Content Creation

Video Production
Graphic Design
Social Media Management & Compliance


Educational Recruitment

Job Recruitment



Geo-fencing & Conversions

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