Welcome to FLIGHT 2020 - The Colibri Collective took you on a journey leading up to election day in November. Navigate, relax, and enjoy the flight!


The Colibri Collective primarily works with political campaigns. We have the honor of partnering with some of the most influential clients impacting the 2020 Elections in a powerful way and helped them amplify their voice to make a difference.


Our scope of work with solution-based strategies and tactics included branding, creative services, media buying, digital, website design, content writing, radio, and video production. The extent of our work is reaching Oregon, battlegrounds in the Southwest, Pennsylvania, and New York.

People For The American Way

The Colibri Collective produced a Spanish-language radio campaign for People For the American Way’s Latinos Vote! program, in partnership with Arizona Wins. In an effort to persuade Arizona’s movable Latino voters to cast ballots for Joe Biden. A jingle was created to lift ad recall and included a culturally relevant ad calling Trump the "cucuy."

ACLU of Arizona

The Colibri Collective supports a fair criminal legal system. By working with ACLU of Arizona, we are able to help prioritize people and their rights instead of prisons.

Maricopa County Democratic Party

Maricopa County is the largest battleground county in the nation. It has over 2.6 million voters and is bigger in population than 23 states. The Colibri Collective collaborated with the Maricopa County Democratic Party and brought their vision of engaging Maricopa residents deeper in the politics that affect their everyday lives. We created the campaign “Be Vocal, Vote Local.” We made sure the residents of Maricopa County were informed about the issues surrounding the election like voter rights, education, criminal justice reform, climate change and many other issues. People's voices matter, especially in our local elections.

Living United for Change in Arizona

LUCHA 2020.jpg

The Colibri Collective partnered with Living United For Change In Arizona @LUCHAAZ to mobilize communities of color and low propensity voters with a robust statewide marketing plan. With our creative approach, we were able to reach voters with campaigns across all platforms, each creative asset included sentiment and messaging that hit home with each voter segment. From Joe Biden and Mark Kelly billboards that included “Chespirito” Siganme Los Buenos messaging, to radio spots connecting young girls to Kamala Harris.


The overarching goal of the Lucha Blue campaign was to get one million voters across Arizona to the polls. As a full-service agency, The Colibri Collective is able to provide creative services, website development, and media buying in traditional and digital platforms. All of our media buying is done in-house and we are able to navigate in a fast-moving political climate. To amplify their efforts and reach we created a campaign to target young voters and e-gamers on Twitch and other social media platforms. 

One Arizona Voter Registration

This year One Arizona was responsible for the largest voter registration campaign in the state of Arizona. Due to the pandemic, they had to quickly pivot and move their voter registration efforts online. Our firm was tasked to create a digital strategy that motivated Arizonans to register to vote online. By activating multi-tactic and multi-language campaigns we were able to support the program and its partners to register 185,000 voters!

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