Welcome to FLIGHT 2020 - Taking you on a journey leading up to election day in November. This page includes significant political topics to keep you informed. Navigate, relax, and enjoy the flight!


This year Latinos are expected to be the nation’s largest racial/ethnic minority group in a Presidential Election. With 32 million projected to be eligible to vote, Latinos will account for 13.3% of all eligible voters. 


In the 2016 election, nearly 100 million eligible Americans did not cast a vote for President, representing 43% of the eligible voting-age population. The high-profile elections of the past decades only have turnouts within the 50-60% range — quite low in comparison to other developed countries. Now more than ever it is important to motivate people to get out and vote!


The Colibri Collective primarily works with political campaigns. We have the honor of partnering with some of the most influential clients in the community and help them amplify their voice to make a difference. Our work and efforts with solution-based strategies and tactics must help secure the ‘win’ for our clients. We compiled a sample of our current work to inform you of the issues that affect all of us today.

ACLU of Arizona

The Colibri Collective supports a fair criminal legal system. By working with ACLU of Arizona, we are able to help prioritize people and their rights instead of prisons.

Maricopa County Democratic Party

When it comes to local elections, we believe it is important for Arizona citizens to stay informed and be involved. Working with MCDP allows us to engage our citizens for the good of the Arizona community.

Living United for Change in Arizona

Local politics are imperative to us. Partnering with LUCHA allows us to promote local Arizonan candidates that will bring positive change for everyone. 

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