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Addressable Digital Tactic
Ads that are delivered to an audience by creating a virtual fence around the plat line of their home by using a CRM list or voter file.

Campaign Flight - Ad Feature
Time period a campaign runs. It features a defined start date and an optional end date. 

Contextual Targeting
Digital Tactic
Targeting on sites with content relevant to the campaign.

CPA - Cost Per Acquisition or Cost Per Action - Measurement
Marketing metric that measures the aggregate cost to acquire one paying customer on a campaign or channel level. CPA formula is as follows: (Total Ad Spend) / (# of Conversions) = CPA $

CPC - Cost Per Click - Measurement
The amount an advertiser pays every time someone clicks on an ad. CPC formula is as follows: (Total Ad Spend) / (# of Clicks) = CPC $

CPM - Cost Per Thousand - Measurement
Used to denote the price of 1,000 advertisement impressions. CPM formula is as follows: (Total Ad Spend) / (1000 Impressions) = CPM $

CTA Button - Call-To-Action Button - Ad Feature
A button used in or with an ad’s creative to encourage people to take action. The most used CTA button is “Learn More”.

CTR - Click-Through Rate - Measurement
The number of people visiting a web page who access it by clicking on the advertisement. CTR formula is as follows: (# of Clicks) / (# of Impressions) = CTR%

Geo-Fencing - Digital Tactic
Targeting based on identified specific geographical locations or events.

Google Analytics Digital Tactic
Google Analytics is used to track website traffic and web analytics.

Google Search Ads - Digital Tactic
Google advertisements which appear in search results on

Google Tag Manager - Digital Tactic
Google Tag Manager is used to measure tags on your website or mobile app.

Impression - Measurement
Refers to the number of times the content is displayed.

Keyword Search - Digital Tactic
Targeting using words or phrases searched by a user that are relevant to your campaign.

KPI - Key Performance Indicator - Measurement
Any specific analytic you want to keep track of; i.e, CPM, CPC, CPA, CTR, and so on.

Landing Page - Ad Feature
Any page that acquires traffic through the use of a CTA Button. A landing page usually has descriptive copy, images, or a form related to the ad.

Native Advertising - Digital Tactic
Paid ads that match the look, feel and function of the media format in which they appear.

Pixel - Ad Feature
Code added to a specific site to help track analytics from digital tactics, used prominently to track Google Analytics and Social Media Campaigns.

Retargeting - Digital Tactic
Targeting users through ads who have previously interacted with your site or their search behaviors.

Reach - Measurement
Refers to the total number of people who have seen your ad or content.

Tags - Ad Feature
Tags are segments of code used to help with integrating products, or functionality of your site/app.

Video Pre-Roll - Digital Tactic
A video advertisement that automatically plays before a featured video or through connected TV, on any screen.

Video Completion Rate - Measurement
The number of people who watch a video ad to its entirety. Video Completion Rate formula is as follows: (# of Video Views) / (# of Completed Video Views) = Video Completion Rate %