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2020 Reed Awards Winner

Delivering results is the bottom line. The Colibri Collective is focused on providing solution-based strategies and tactics to influence behaviors and campaigns to help secure the 'win' for our clients.

With the understanding that political campaigns require a nuanced approach, The Colibri Collective uses the power of data and the latest technology to maximize each impression delivered. Our team possesses the experience, knowledge, and maneuverability to elevate your message to meet your audience in the right space and place.

Our commitment is to craft cohesive and effective campaigns, with messaging that influences and mobilizes the voter. From creating a comprehensive strategy to utilizing the most effective medium, The Colibri Collective produces the highest quality content to achieve your goals. Many political campaigns have similar end goals which focus on producing some sort of action, despite that similar objective, each campaign should be treated singularly in order to achieve success. By taking this approach our team is able to effectively strategize and personalize messages to match voter priorities.

By leading with research as the primary resource to building successful strategies, we craft campaigns with blended tactics, based on solid and extensive research. This is the difference maker to ensure a victory election night or during the legislative session.

Our team has significant skills in working with a broad range of political centric initiatives and campaigns. From working with PACs, IEs, ballot initiatives, candidate work, and policy initiatives during the legislative session – our work in the political space is extensive. This range has given us deep insight into the intricacies of reaching the diverse voter segments which is why we don't take a mass-market approach. With our ability to identify and understand the diverse voter audience segments we can ensure that we will deliver the best return for your campaigns. We bring the passion necessary to ensure your campaigns are driven by three key metrics; data, skill, and emotion. These three metrics are the recipe for delivering the results you need and will be apparent in the quality of work you receive.






Event Geo-Fencing

Voter Address File Targeting

Addressable OTT

Search & Contextual

Google AdWords & Search

Paid Social Media Campaigns

Site Retargeting

Email Marketing

Digital Radio


Logo Design & Branding
Graphic Design
Web Design
Digital Graphics
Radio Production
Video Production
Mailer Design
Billboard Design


Strategy & Planning

Cross Channel Capabilities

Multi-Screen Reach


Multicultural Strategy​

Take Action Campaigns

Digital & Terrestial Radio

Broadcast & Cable





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Our partnership with The Colibri Collective has been instrumental to LUCHA's ability to reach our constituents, volunteers and voters where they are at. With their knowledge and abilities, The Colibri Collective has aided LUCHA in achieving several of our policy and election goals, in addition to reaching and engaging the Hispanic voter. LUCHA is committed to investing in our own communities and in local businesses. For that reason, we value Colibri's expertise and equal commitment to investing in our communities and local organizations.

Alejandra Gomez & Tomas Robles / Executive Directors / LUCHA

ProgressNow Arizona is proud to partner with a local woman of color owned firm that raises the bar with its data-driven campaigns. With The Colibri Collective as our partner, we no longer have to hire out of state firms that don't put in the same time and effort like a local firm does. Proving that they truly understand the diverse voter population in our local communities, The Colibri Collective delivered 3,946,445 impressions. The team fully understands the political landscape and leverage that knowledge to create powerful, impactful and successful campaigns. ProgressNow Arizona plans to continue partnering with The Colibri Collective to make an impact with our areas of focus- voting rights, civic engagement and more.

Josselyn Berry / Executive Director / ProgressNow Arizona

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