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Three Reasons Why We Are Obsessed With the Phoenix Art Scene

From Art Hanging on Walls To Walls of Art

Over the last 10 years, Phoenix has grown not only in size but also in what it has to offer to its citizens and guests alike. From a multitude of culinary offerings (including some of the nation’s favorite pizza joints) to renowned festivals, Phoenix is becoming a cultural hub of a destination to live and visit. But the one thing that is making this ardent city so inviting is its thriving art scene, and we don’t just mean art as in paintings – the art scene here is all encompassing. Museums, films, murals, music, local goods, artists: all of these are part of what makes the art offerings so diverse. There is something to fill every aesthetic need and here are the reasons we at The Colibri Collective are obsessed with the Phoenix art scene.

1. Real Reels – Although films aren’t the first thing that comes to mind when thinking about the art scene here, they are to us. Arizona and Phoenix have been a favorite backdrop for films for quite some time – think back to Psycho or the cult favorite Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure. However, the film scene is quickly rising just like our summer temps. Case in point, the upcoming Indie Film Fest on February 1 -2, happening at none other than some of our Phoenix favs, FilmBar, Crescent Ballroom and PAZ Cantina. This film fest will be the ultimate gathering of creative storytellers and audiences eager for new voices and fresh perspectives. This visual extravaganza will include thirty dramatic and documentary features, short films, live panels and multimedia installations all over downtown Phoenix during February’s First Friday.  The afterparty will feature The Hour Glass Cats, The Stakes and Santa Pachita at Crescent Ballroom.

2. Walls of Art – Murals have not always been viewed as a way to connect art to a community or its people – lucky for us, that is not the case any longer. Murals are popping up globally and filling city walls and businesses with color, culture and telling stories from the communities they represent. Phoenix is one of those cities that has openly invited artists to fill walls the way they are meant to be used, to tell stories through art. Some of The Colibri Collective’s favorites are ‘Colors of la Comunidad’ on Central and Elwood by La Morena, Untitled Hummingbird mural on 7th Ave. Indian School. by J.B. Snyder, and Phoenix on 16th Street and Thomas Colton Brock, Lalo Cota, Angel Diaz, Pablo Luna, and J.B. Snyder. Follow @muralsofphoenix on Instagram for a collection of murals from all over the city.

3. Homes for Art – From subjects that range from your typical art to homes, and even a museum dedicated to music history – you can find a plethora of museums in Phoenix. The Phoenix Art Museum has hosted world renowned exhibitions and the Heard Museum gives light to Arizona’s rich Native American history. Museums in Phoenix are not only a reflection of the modern times we are presently in, but also offers us a look at our roots. And if you’re not interested in installations or paintings, Phoenix was once home to visionary architect Frank Lloyd Wright. You can visit the great Taliesin West or drive past the architect’s buildings and homes throughout the valley, including the Arizona Biltmore for which he served as a consulting architect.

The art scene here is diverse and rich, we know you will not be disappointed. From painters, muralists, singers, and chefs Phoenix has and will continue to give birth to many who will grace the world with their talents.


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