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10 Marketing Tips to Help Your Restaurant Cope with CV19 Crisis

We are currently living in a whole new world, where social distancing has become the norm. Businesses around the world have taken a hit, but the restaurant industry is struggling the most. Many restaurant owners are in a position where they have to make the difficult decision of either adapting or closing down. Here are some helpful tips to help you stay on your feet. 1. Update Your Website If you have a website, take the time to update your homepage with a small message to inform your customers of your new hours and if you are offering delivery/pickup. 2. Upload Your Menus Online Simple, people ordering online or calling-in need to know what your restaurant is currently serving, make sure to upload your menu to other sites where your restaurant has a presence (ex. Yelp, DoorDash, etc.). 3. Social Media Your most essential tool. Keep posting on your pages and let your patrons know you are open. Reaching out to your existing customers through social media platforms will help keep everyone engaged. 4. Email If you have an email list of your clients, this next step is another vital way to keep everyone informed. 5. Food Delivery Apps If you do not have the workforce to run your deliveries, adding your restaurant to various food delivery apps is a great way to get new customers. 6. Updating Google My Business More than likely, when people are looking for food, they will use google to do a quick search. If you are set up with Google My Business, make sure to keep your information up to date. If you are not on Google My Business, make sure to use this free service for ultimate exposure online. 7. Specials People are always looking for a good deal, and with families stuck at home, offering daily/weekly specials are a perfect way to get more business. 8. Social Media Messaging Social media provides various ways for your customers to get in touch or to place orders; direct messaging gives the customer an easy and fast one-on-one experience. Always make sure you respond to comments as soon as possible when people are messaging, they expect a response in under 5 minutes. 9. Signage Creating signage that informs your customers is essential. Share that you are open, list new hours, show specials, direct people with curbside/pickup areas, and much more. 10. Informing and Taking Precaution Make sure you are letting your customers know how you are taking safety precautions during these tough times by prioritizing their health and your employee’s health.


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