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2021 Digital Marketing Trends

Updated: Feb 26, 2021

2021 Digital Marketing Trends

6 Marketing Trends That Will Elevate Your Engagement And Help You Guide Your Designs So You Are Up To Date With This Decade.

Web Design

Light Color Web Design Example

Light Colors

Light colors, in contrast to dark colors, are softer on the eyes and easy to look at because of their delicate visual nature. Due to the screen’s sharpness and clarity, darker and stronger colors can be overwhelming and a little chaotic at times. Lighter colors are used in web design to extend the reader’s experience and to encourage user engagement. “The soothing effect of light colors often encourages users to stay on the page for longer, enjoying the color palette’s tranquility and warmth” (Golzaker 2020). Additionally, many color palette variations can be composted with muted and light colors.


Minimalism design seems to make its way into every year, including 2021. Minimalism can be achieved by combining flat shapes, basic text, and limited color palettes, and more into a monochromatic background. This is a design principle that is focused on only using the essential elements to create something memorable and clean. According to Envato, minimalism “aims to not only simplify website visual design, but usability and functionality” (“Web Design Trends 2021” 2020). However, this doesn’t make a site “boring.” In fact, this design trend is timeless and used by many brands.

Graphic Design


Simplicity is a common theme in many styles, but we predict that monochromatic design is going to be popular this year. Sometimes less is more, and with this design trend it really shows. Mono means “one”, a single color is selected from the color wheel and different shades, tones, or tints of that same color are used to compose the entire color palette for a project. According to Canva, a monochromatic palette ‘creates a harmonious cohesive look, it draws attention to itself by allowing your content to shine, it helps associate brands with a specific and memorable color, and it makes the design process faster by having no pressure to combine other hues correctly’ (“How to Design with Monochromatic Colors”). By allowing the designer to use fewer colors and tones, it enables the designer to focus more on what’s being shown, the product or service and overall content. Whether it’s used for print design, or digital design like banner ads, it shows how powerful this style can be when applied to a campaign.

Seamless Surrealism

A popular style for graphic designers, seamless surrealism is sure to make a strong return for 2021. We expect to see this style appearing on various websites and publication design pieces going forward. Surrealism is “when common but unrelated things in surprising juxtapositions create something otherworldly and powerful” (“Surrealism in Graphic Design” 2019) in a visual composition. This unique and memorable design trend can be used in logos, websites, illustration, album covers, book covers, and even packaging. For example, wine bottles with a distinguished flavor that needs a look to match its distinctive taste. This trend has proved to be popular in the past, and we don’t see its popularity going anywhere.

Digital Trends

Interactive Content

Interactive content is becoming a best practice tactic. It allows you to make the user experience more personable, by having the user fill out quizzes, polls, surveys, calculators, etc. This will give the user an opportunity to get their opinions heard. Interactive content requires the user to spend more time on your website, which in turn will lead to better optimization of your website for SEO. You can also use the data that you collect, as an opportunity to create a better UX for your website and products or services.


Chatbots are a wonderful interactive tool that has become common practice on websites. They allow you to be able to answer site visitor’s questions quickly, without them having to navigate to the FAQ page. These Chatbots are ideal for small to medium-sized businesses, because they give website visitors 24-hour customer service in an easy to find way. The data collected from these chatbots will allow you to be able to personalize the UX and update the content provided by the chatbot. Chatbots are predicted to save companies $8 billion a year by 2022 (*Source).

2021 Pantone Colors of the Year

Pantone has announced the 2021 Pantone Colors of the Year. It is PANTONE 17-5104 Ultimate Gray + PANTONE 13-0647 Illuminating. It is a marriage of color conveying strength and hopefulness that is both enduring and uplifting for a new year that needs positive change for the sake of our spirit.


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