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Arizona Democratic Party Launches Pre-Primary Campaign to Engage Latino Voters


July 8, 2022


Genevieve Leach


“This is Our Party” / “Es Nuestro Partido” Bilingual campaign will highlight Democratic values and educate voters.

Es Nuestro Partido logo and branding created by The Colibri Collective.

PHOENIX - Across Arizona, Democratic candidates and campaigns are hard at work competing for nominations ahead of the August 2nd Primary Election. These candidates and campaigns are engaging and activating voters across the state and the Arizona Democratic Party is committed to not only supporting, but leading the effort to engage critical constituency groups – including the nearly 1 million Latinos who are registered to vote in Arizona. We know one of the strongest predictors of general election turnout is whether or not a voter participated in the primary election - which is why we are proudly focused on reaching out to Latino voters this summer, leading up to the primary.

This comprehensive, multi-platform campaign is focused on meeting Arizona Latinos where they are at – and talking to them about the issues that matter most. With less than 5 months until the General Election, Arizona Democrats know that we have to engage the growing Latino constituency as early as possible. The Arizona Democratic Party’s investment in Latino outreach will be critical for the eventual nominees who will beat the MAGA Republicans who have shown they care more about Donald Trump than fight for Arizona families.

“We know that if we engage and educate voters enough to turn out for the primaries, they are likely to mobilize for the general election. The Democratic Party is committed to engaging with Latino audiences early and consistently, with re-engagement and education as priority goals,” said ADP Chairwoman Raquel Terán. “I’m thrilled this positive, in-language, in-culture campaign is launching today and even more excited that this is an opportunity for Democrats to build stronger relationships with this critical voting bloc.”

Explore the campaign at

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