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Gaby Cardenas a Recipient of the Anti-Corruption Award

October 12, 2021 - Last week, Independent Voting announced its Anti-Corruption Award recipients, and celebrated Gaby Cardenas as an awardee. In 2019, The Colibri Collective partnered with Independent Voters for Arizona, creating a cohesive digital and social marketing campaign spotlighting the closed Arizona Presidential Preference Election. Per Arizona law, independent voters may not participate in this election. Only registered voters of a recognized party within the state may vote. With statewide reach and increased engagement, the campaign was deemed a tremendous success in educating voters.

“The Independent Voting’s Anti-Corruption Awards acknowledges the work of those who go beyond their local communities to scale for change at a systemic level. Independent voters are the fastest growing voting bloc in the country, and they should be included in our democratic process at every level. Our democracy is based on the experiment of choice, and it’s an honor to be a voice for such a large voter population. I’m proud of how The Colibri Collective has worked with creativity and innovation to engage voters. Getting involved is part of believing in our democracy. This award is dear to my heart.” says The Colibri Collective CEO Gaby Cardenas.

The 20th Annual Independent Voting Anti-Corruption Awards takes place October 25th, 2021 at 6 p.m. ET. virtually.

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