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LUCHA & The Colibri Collective’s 2020 Mailer Wins National Recognition from USPS

Updated: May 6, 2021

LUCHA & The Colibri Collective's 2020 Mailer Wins National Recognition From The United States Postal Service(USPS).

May 06, 2021 (Phoenix) - After winning at the ballot box in 2020, LUCHA and The Colibri Collective continue to rack up victories - this time for their advertising for the #LUCHABlue campaign. Known as the “Oscars of Political Advertising,” the two organizations took home 2 Silver Pollie Awards and the nationally recognized Special Award for Direct Mail for Early Voting/Absentee Ballot/Vote-by-Mail from the United States Postal Service (USPS) and the American Association of Political Consultants (AAPC).

You can learn more about the winning #LUCHABlue mailer and campaign here.

The #LUCHABlue campaign was designed and produced by The Colibri Collective, the first Latina-owned digital marketing firm in Phoenix. It was a part of an effort to directly engage Latino voters in the swing state during the 2020 presidential election; and the elevated design and creative use of a QR code set the #LUCHABlue campaign apart from the more than four billion pieces of political direct mail.

“It’s an honor to be recognized by USPS and AAPC for what we have accomplished in partnership with LUCHA. We like to think outside the box when it comes to political marketing, and the LUCHA Blue mailer is the perfect example,” said The Colibri Collective CEO Gaby Cardenas. “Our creative team went beyond the traditional red, white, and blue and used their skills to highlight clear information and supplemented it with digital components to inform voters. That’s what’s truly important here: helping people vote.”

“We are committed to supporting local Women of Color (WOC) led small businesses. With The Colibri Collective, we celebrate the talent and treasure of what our community provides,” said LUCHA Co-Executive Director Alex Gomez. “LUCHA’s partnership with The Colibri Collective has been transformative and the recognition is well-deserved. The Colibri Collective messages to our communities in culturally-nuanced approaches that capture the depth of our rich experiences. We’re proud of the strong partnership we’ve built together and the change we’ve been able to make in local Arizona communities.”

“At LUCHA, we build with those who are directly impacted by the issues. Being able to work with The Colibri Collective team in the #LUCHABlue campaign was very significant because they were able to take our members' ideas and make it into a culturally relevant work of art to inform voters,” said LUCHA Co-Executive Director Tomas Robles. “We are always excited to work and support a local team that understands and is allied with our organizational values. Working together, we flipped Arizona from deep red to blue.”

The Pollie Awards are run by the American Association of Political Consultants. This year, the blind jury had to judge more than 400 firms to determine the best and brightest voices in political communications and public affairs with a record-breaking 2,700+ entries across 10 mediums, including television, digital, direct mail/print, radio and phones.


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2021 American Association Of Political Consultants Pollie Award Winner
2021 American Association Of Political Consultants Pollie Award Winner


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