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Reflecting on Six Years of Meaningful Work

Every year as we approach The Colibri Collective’s anniversary, I like to take some time to reflect upon where we started, where we are now, and our goals for the future. This month we celebrate our 6th year in business, and I have been thinking about the statistic that approximately half of all businesses fail within the first 5 years. As a Latina entrepreneur, one of my intentions is to inspire and teach other entrepreneurs (especially women of color); after all, when one of us succeeds, we all succeed. I hope that in sharing what drives our success I can provide a roadmap for other entrepreneurs to follow.

When I first dreamed up The Colibri Collective, I knew that I was entering a space where other women were already thriving. In my local community, I found great inspiration from other women-owned marketing agencies for their exceptional business management and operations. But I knew that in order for The Colibri Collective to flourish, we had to stand on our own, and that I as a business owner would never cross the line between inspiration and imitation.

That’s why, from the very earliest days of Colibri, we have always been trendsetters, never trend followers. Our work has remained creative, bold, and most importantly: original.

While I think that most people would agree that innovation is important when starting or running a business, achieving it is not always as straightforward. For our team, it has meant creating a culture that is team-forward, a collective. This means that each member, from the most junior to the most senior, has a voice in the direction of our work. Rather than valuing ideas based on hierarchy or titles, we create an environment where the best concepts can flourish.

In order to create impactful work, we have also prioritized partnering with clients that are value-aligned with our mission to create meaningful change in our communities. By working with people and organizations that share our ideals, we find joy in creating campaigns that fill us with pride. As we tap into our passions and our expertise, our work reflects these qualities with enhanced creativity that engages our communities.

When I asked team members to give me some words that described their work at The Colibri Collective, some of the terms they used included:

It makes me so proud to have created an environment where these are the kinds of terms that come to mind when discussing our work and our culture. For any aspiring or current entrepreneurs, I offer these words as a guide for success: surround yourself with talented team members and trust their minds and their hearts. This is the only way to produce work that is not only compelling but also fresh, innovative and original.


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