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Three Holiday Foods We Are Obsessed With

These Foods Not Only Fill Your Belly, They Fill Your Heart

Lights, trees, menorahs, nacimientos, kinaras, poinsettias, food, hot chocolate, and new traditions – December holidays vary in every place of the world but the one thing they have in common is family and friends gathering to share food. While each part of the world might celebrate this season differently, we all share our love for feasting during our observances. Here are the three traditional holiday foods that The Colibri Collective is obsessed with.

1. Tamales – Carne con chile colorado, pollo, mole, dulce, elote and chile verde, calabaza, Nutella, raisins, crema pastelera, cajeta – all these are just a few of the fillings that can be used to make a tamal. Tamales are usually a staple holiday food around every Hispanic country and have made international appearances. Another great thing about tamales is the cooking process, it’s a family affair. Families usually gather early on in the month of December to prepare them. This gathering often resembles that of assembly lines with each person fulfilling the roll of wrapper, filler or spreader.

2. Caldos – In the northern hemisphere of the world, December is usually a month where we experience chillier weather. This weather calls for a food that helps calm the cold, caldos (soups). From pozole, menudo, to cosido, caldos are the perfect way to give you that warm, calming feeling. While these foods can be made easily and are usually made throughout the whole year, they especially taste great during the holidays.

3. Libations and Sweets – No feast is complete without some delicious desserts and festive spiked beverages. Every Hispanic country has different type of sweets that beverages that tend to make their appearance in homes and around communities during this month. Coquito is the beloved coconut-based egg-noggish drink, Rompope is a milky, egg-based drink also similar to eggnog and Ponche Navideño is a warm, spiced Christmas punch made by simmering fruits and cane sugar. Whatever your poison of choice, each of these are sure to make your celebration extra cheerful. As for the desserts you have buñuelos, tamales de dulce, churros, capirotada, and rosca. These sweets vary from deep fried bread based to cakes, to bread pudding. Each of these goes great with one of the spiked beverages to bring a closing to your holiday celebration.

Whatever your traditions, foods and celebration style – The Colibri Collective would like to wish you a Happy Holiday season full of love, cheer and companionship!


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