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Three Reasons Why We Are Obsessed With Football Season

Why You Need to Get More Skin in the Game

Football season has officially begun, meaning you’ll be participating in more and more #SundayFundays, #ManicMondays and #ThirstyThursdays. It’s a great time of the year to catch up with friends, new and old, while cheering on your favorite real or fantasy team. The truth is football is not just an outlet for entertainment, football can also be a tool for business. How you ask, by taking advantage of its popularity and viewership. A typical NFL game in the 2017 season received an average viewership of 14.9 million. Here are the three reasons why The Colibri Collective is obsessed with football season and why you need to amp up your digital strategy:

1. On-Screen Play by Play: With over 90% of millennials and 85% of Generation X using at least two screens while watching television, it would be an incomplete pass for your business not to take advantage of digital marketing. Use the time people spend in front of a screen to your advantage and make sure to develop an interactive and engaging digital campaign. First things first, make sure landing pages are updated and are mobile-friendly to ensure successful conversion of your ads. Tie your campaign to football in some way. For example, if you are in the retail business, offer discounts on sports apparel or if you don’t sell sports apparel offer the discount on all “cardinal” red merchandise. Get creative with your offers and ads. In 2017, 51% of U.S. consumers said they were loyal to brands that interact with them through their preferred channels of communication – don’t skip out on digital.

2. Fumbling Females: Don’t sleep on this, the NFL reported that women comprise 45% of their fan base and that number is on the rise. With the NFL aware of this demographic, they will surely start to target women viewers and fans heavier. As a business, it would be smart to jump on this from the get-go. Developing campaigns that put women in the forefront is essential to converting them into brand loyalists. Again, creativity is key. Connect with what females are interested in. Take the trendiness of rosé or mimosas and use it to create a special or event catered to and focused on women.

3. A Hail Mary of a Conversion: Posting on social randomly does not constitute a successful pass for digital. For a higher completion, you need to make your existing and potential customers are excited about your brand. Creating promotions or offering a reward style program for consuming your product is a sure-fire way to acquire brand loyal customers. For example, if you are a restaurant, offer all-day happy hour/rotating specials on Sundays and have that as part of your digital strategy. Use GIF’s and videos to make your campaigns interactive and interesting. People are now using their phone while watching a game on TV to check their Fantasy Football leagues, scores of other games, etc. Running a cross-platform promotion is essential to reach your target at the right time.

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