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The Colibri Collective is a finalist for Phoenix Business Journal’s Small Business Awards

July 28, 2021 (Phoenix)Today the Phoenix Business Journal announced The Colibri Collective is a finalist for the third annual Small Business Awards. This prestigious award recognizes excellence among entrepreneurs and small business owners around the Valley.

With more than 20 years of experience in the media industry, The Colibri Collective CEO Gaby Cardenas sets herself apart, starting up the first Latina-owned digital marketing agency in Phoenix, Arizona. Many platforms became more restrictive and consumer behaviors changed during the rise of COVID-19. At the forefront of technology, The Colibri Collective supported each client to pivot their campaigns. That year, The Colibri Collective delivered cutting-edge digital campaigns, strategic media placement, innovative creative assets, and more. Their work resulted in receiving seven marketing awards, including national recognition from USPS for direct mail.

“It’s a remarkable feeling, to be recognized for the profound impact and growth of our agency. With the pandemic, Hispanic communities have faced barriers to economic recovery. As a Latina-owned business, we have been blessed to bring prosperity to the Phoenix economy. I’m proud to see our accomplishments and contributions honored by the Phoenix Business Journal Small Business Awards,” said The Colibri Collective CEO Gaby Cardenas.

The Colibri Collective team members are proud of their partnerships, and they strive to bring every vision to life. As a collective of talent, the team continually raises the bar for marketing practices with each new campaign.

About The Colibri Collective

The Colibri Collective is a full-service marketing agency providing a collective of talent with experience and expertise in all things marketing. It is the first Latina-owned digital marketing firm in Phoenix, Arizona. Serving a wide range of clients from the political, non-profit and education sectors, The Colibri Collective delivers elevated strategies for memorable data-driven campaigns that ignite emotion and amplify a brand. Our creative bandwidth spans digital marketing, brand identity and development, media strategy, creative services, media buying and planning, multicultural strategy, public relations and communications.


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