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Top 3 Digital Recruitment Strategies for Colleges & Universities in the Post-Pandemic Era

Trends in the digital world evolve daily. Higher education institutions like colleges and universities must continue to innovate and stay on top digital changes for successful lead generation campaigns. Here is a tried and true digital formula to bring in successful digital results.

Paid Media Strategy

Every college or university MUST implement a paid digital strategy. Internet use is adapted widely by younger generations. GenZ spend 10 hours on the internet each day and interact

with social media platforms for the majority of their time.

A diversified marketing strategy on multiple digital platforms is ideal. More than half (52%) of GenZ members follow three or more brands on social media. It provides additional opportunities to connect with the prospective student more than once.

Marketers have cracked the code to established social media platforms. For new kids on the block, like gaming or audio social media networks (i.e. Twitch and Clubhouse), the formula for success is being tested. To be at the forefront of trends, it’s ideal to allocate a budget (albeit smaller) to these experimental platforms.


If your paid media strategy takes your potential student to your homepage, the prospective student can easily be lost and disengage completely. Well-crafted websites are key to holding GenZer’s attention: 60% won’t use websites or apps that are confusing or load slowly. A dedicated landing page makes it easy for the reader to engage with the content and move forward with next steps toward enrollment.

Follow Up

An immediate acknowledgement of a potential student’s interest is key. A chat bot or an easy and short inquiry form makes it easier for college representatives to follow up on the potential student’s interest. A simple automated email message or direct follow up phone call can be incorporated. Often student relationship management software is added at this step. It facilitates admission officers with tracking the different enrollment stages of each prospective student.

There you have it! Colleges and universities have 3 core strategies utilizing digital marketing to engage prospective students. The tools may upgrade as digital marketing evolves, but it's a consistent digital strategy that outperforms in post-pandemic higher education recruitment.



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