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The Colibri Collective Named Best In Innovative Virtual Voter Contact

Campaigns and Elections 2021 Campaign Tech Award Winners for Innovation in Virtual Voter Contact - Democratic

August 25, 2021 (Phoenix) - This week, The Colibri Collective is awarded the “Innovation in Virtual Voter Contact - Democratic” CampaignTech Award from Campaigns & Elections for the #LUCHABlue Mailer. The CampaignTech Awards recognize truly exceptional and innovative firms in the field of political campaign technology, digital strategy, tactics, and techniques across 21 categories.

The #LUCHABlue campaign was designed and produced by The Colibri Collective. It was a part of an effort to directly engage Latino voters in the swing state of Arizona during the 2020 presidential election. You can learn more about the winning #LUCHABlue mailer and campaign here.

“Innovation is in our DNA. As the first Latina-led digital firm in Phoenix, we understand that the virtual experience doesn’t always begin online,” said The Colibri Collective CEO and Founder Gaby Cardenas. “Powered by data, skill, and emotion, we layered our tactics so that the contact point of the #LUCHABlue Campaign mailer led to virtual engagement for voters with targeted digital ads, the use of QR codes, social media, and an easily-accessible website. It was a cohesive campaign, and we are grateful to receive national recognition for our work.”

"Going into 2020, we at LUCHA took on the unprecedented challenge of connecting with voters during a pandemic. Our team got to work. With Colibri, we developed incredible content in both English and Spanish. Reaching voters virtually was imperative, that's why we used completely new tactics like branded Instagram stickers, which were viewed over 1.1 million times.” said Alejandra Gomez & Tomas Robles, Co-Executive Directors of LUCHA. “Additionally our award winning mailers were centered around the needs of our community. In 2020, Arizona was hugely targeted by political campaigns. They saturated the airways with hundreds of millions of dollars in political ads. The challenge was breaking through all the noise and connecting with communities in a genuine and intentional way and that's what our #LUCHABlue Campaign accomplished. Working with The Colibri Collective, we knew we would stand out. We are thankful for their women-led creative strategy that brought the #LUCHABlue campaign to life.”


About Living United for Change in Arizona

Living United for Change in Arizona (LUCHA) is a nonprofit membership-led, grassroots organization that builds power with Arizona’s working families. Learn more:

About The Colibri Collective

The Colibri Collective is an award-winning full-service marketing agency. Servicing a wide range of clients from the political, non-profit and education sectors, The Colibri Collective delivers elevated strategies for memorable data-driven campaigns that ignite emotion and amplify a brand. Our creative bandwidth spans digital marketing, brand identity and development, media strategy, creative services, media buying and planning, multicultural strategy, public relations and communications. Learn more:


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